Vertex Solutions
Plan. Execute. Measure. Optimize.

Doug Levitt founded Vertex Solutions in 2009.  He has an extensive background in product management, project management, quality management and business process engineering. Doug has held senior leadership positions at both large, established organizations (including Hewlett-Packard and Silicon Graphics) as well as startups (Accruent, QUIQ, Abrevity).

As an experienced product manager, Doug has a broad experience in different domains - having developed software for a variety of industries and uses. He has extensive experience defining product strategy, developing product roadmaps, defining detailed product requirements (writing MRDs, PRDs, Functional Specifications) and driving product execution.

As a certified project manager (PMP certified, August 2007), Doug has an extensive experience leading cross-functional teams from initial concept through product launch. He has reinvigorated product development organizations and optimized product introduction processes at Hewlett Packard, I-many, QUIQ, Accruent. He has experience implementing and managing both iterative and agile release processes. He is fluent in quality management with experience driving TQM and Six Sigma initiatives.

As an MBA graduate from Santa Clara University, Doug understands how to effectively lead, manage and motivate people and get the best results. Doug understands how to optimize a product development organization to ensure that the team is always focused on addressing whatever is most relevant to the business now, while at the same time ensuring that the company will achieve its long-term business objectives.

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